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About Profiling Services

Understanding your customer’s journey is the first step in developing an effective license plan. Microsoft Profiling Services, is an on-demand service that allows business to get a complete and consistent view of their customer’s licensing position. It offers a business productivity service where License Profiling Specialists are empowered with data capabilities that are used to validate, organize and build the customer profile to create a completed view of the organization’s volume licensing relationship with Microsoft-The Microsoft License Statement (MLS). Profiling Services emphasize on data accuracy, uniqueness and conformity that empowers business with curated datasets and ability to prepare and enrich their processes on their own, for better and faster decision making.

Helping business to streamline their productivity processes and “do it first time” right:

Obtaining Real-Time Information

A complete view of Customer Legal Licensing Profile

Optimizing Business Processes

Avoid tracking resources and time to collect data

Deliver Customer Lifetime Value

Creating better customer relationships

About Microsoft License Statement

About Microsoft License Statement

The Microsoft License Statement (MLS) is an easy to read and ready build to “go” report, that shows the Customer’s Volume License entitlements for each Microsoft product, version, and edition across all active and inactive licensing IDs for the organization.

The MLS is based on a set of real-time calculations that:

  • Apply all upgrade and maintenance-type licenses to full licenses acquired through each volume licensing program, including Enterprise, Select, Select Plus, Open Value, and Open License programs.
  • Use licensing rules and product release dates to produce the most accurate license summary of the customer organization.

The Microsoft License Statement, is a comprehensive view of existing Licensing Inventory that enables you to focus on your customer’s overall Licensing Strategy. It provides consistent and predictable results.

More Value Added:

  • Better Customer Connections: have better customer relationships by improving your conversations with them and showing a consolidated view of their licensing landscape.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: meet your customer’s needs by knowing them better.
  • Identify Sales Opportunities: ensure the right licensing that suits the business needs.
  • Build a software strategy and license usage roadmap for your customers: take the control and manage their licensing position.
  • Perform Software Baseline Analysis: Simplify and reduce the cost of software management by finding the licenses that lost track.

Get the insights at a glance

Microsoft License Statement Reporting View is available on Power BI. This is a recent addition to Microsoft Profiling Services, and is designed to keep the MLS simple and interactive at the same time. The opportunities to expand insights by combining data are accelerating and the ability to identify easily and rapidly the right information optimizes overall the operations and improves the customer experiences.

With the Power BI Reporting View, your customer’s license agreements data can be viewed in powerful charts and graphs in one centralized dashboard, eliminating manual report building from your side. Through simple and interactive displays, it helps you to stay focused on the metrics and data that are mostly important.

  • Build Instantly the insights that you are looking for and meet your customer’s needs quicker.
  • Have a direct view of your customer’s organization hierarchy and license agreements associated to it.
  • Built-in visualization to get immediate access and identify how many active Software Assurance Quantities exist. Allocate quicker the base licenses and reveal your next opportunities.
  • Understand better your customer’s purchasing behavior.
  • Access faster the data information to discover agreement consolidation opportunities.
  • Take Time Back: spend less time on manual calculations to allocate outlier purchase transactions.
  • Boost your customer conversations by showing them a modern and easy to understand licensing landscape.

Access the FAQs for more details on MLS Reporting View on Power BI.

Get the insights at a glance

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